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  1. i am doing good thanks i have just been lurking pretty much . how have you been
  2. Hey how r you I have not been online in a long time
  3. its ok 16 60 whatever , i just like to annoy everyone so no big deal lol
  4. What pic oh you mean of me um thanks but so u know I'm 16 not 17 I just hit the wrong boutton on the computer Srry.
  5. by the way that is a cute picture you have posted .
  6. ok cool .
  7. Lol shit I need to find some way to not get sick I hate being sick well I'm going to see what anime I have brb.
  8. oh well i guess thats a good enough reason to not complain grand mothers are cool , anyone else has to go though lol
  9. I cant my boss is my grandmother and she was on vacshon lol.
  10. that sucks , maybe you could complain and take her job then? i mean if she think you can cover for her why not just take it ?
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