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  1. wow really what are the sites and thats crazy everyones gone smh i guess it happens and thanks bro ^_^
  2. i have not seen anyone we know here in a VERY long time most of them have made there own site and have been going there for a while they dont like AO much for one reason or another. and i loved the pics you really look awesome
  3. For sure bro ^_^ and i uploaded some new pics go check them out and i misssed the AO so bad im happy to be back so whose still here?
  4. Yes i now hav a son whose almost a yr old and im abt to leave for the military soon im so excited
  5. SIS! omg its been forever man im glad to hear from you its been forever and AO has been ok though everyone i know has moved on except for some of the mods here but there cool too. hows it been going for you? anything new happening for you?
  6. BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IMU <3 hows animeonline been?????? how r u
  7. hey there sis its been a while im glad to hear from you hope things have been going good for you. hugs
  8. BRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOO ))))))))))) long time no talkkkkkkkk omgoodness supperz
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