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  1. no problem i help when i can and i will help when ever i can anyway hope its going good tonight
  2. Wow :3 thank you. Well I'm using my phone at school but I'll do this when I get home ^^. Thank you again :]
  3. oh well it is easy enough you go to the bottom of the thread you want to post on and click the reply button where you can add smiley faces or the quick rely button where you just start typing and click submit. if you mean posting as in a good or bad post well as long as you are talking about the topic your posting on it should be no problem.
  4. Lol, sadly. I don't even know how to post o.o, I'm still clueless. •-•
  5. lol well you will be a pro one soon to after you figure things out ^_^
  6. Oooo, it seems like you hop everywhere here :3 what a pro o.o
  7. yeah it will be and im here to talk to if you cant find anyone else i just lurk a lot here lol
  8. :3 thank you. It will be interesting I'm hoping. ^-^
  9. just dropping by to say hello and hope AO has been interesting
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