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  1. lol well there is that whole FOR QUEEN AND COUNTRY bit that kind of annoys me , but i know a lot of people who live there that hate those kind of people lol.
  2. Doesn't offend me.. xD I've been called a drunk **** though a few times in London because I have a thick cork accent. *-* That could offend me xD! Patriotic people annoy me though only the british ones really annoy me, but when we shoot back words at them it doesn't do any good. But the British are pretty ignorant..
  3. lol sorry i did not mean to offend you , and black hair and blue eyes sounds pretty if you ask me , and i guess i need to do some actually do some geography work and learn more about a country's people before i go thinking anything like that again lol.
  4. ROFL! no.. that is not the common look at all and is a funny stereotype. We share many viking and british genes off of.. clearly why we're their neighbors. We have as many gingers here as you have in the U.S by percentage.. so you won't find like them everywhere and in large packs! Freckles also aren't very common but same as the ginger thing. Most common is brown hair with brown eyes.. rofl xD I have black hair with blue eyes XD
  5. well i know from some of the Irish girls i have seen there have freckles and the very red hair unless thats not the common look , and besides i think foreign women are just better looking for some reason. and your right people do leave there buttons out to push but we seem to be first in lime to push them LOL .
  6. You.. poor poor misguided boy.. Irish girls hotter than Americans.. You poor.. poor thing ;( Most Irish women.. are flat chested or just plain obese! We like chips alot gosh.. Anorexia is like.. unheard of here! If a british person wants to gain weight they go to Ireland.. ^_^ WE'RE PROUD OF THIS! We're not a generally fat country but we're not skinny skinny either, we're a very healthy country that.. looks fatter than it really is xD We just save up fat for the winter.. I think american boys are cute (some) because their is such a large range.. From tall to short, skinny to fat. They come in every type xD Your so diverse there.. Though in specifics I like Thailand boys because they are very feminine and short.. so I feel taller! ;D And America doesn't push buttons.. Other countries leave their buttons out and we ALL touch them ^_^! It's best you hide your buttons or else someone is gonna be touchin those buttons.. it's only common sense right there!
  7. i might do that one day if i get the money saved up , and its good to know that not everyone hates Americans based on our government but i tell you our country is really pushing a lot of buttons , anyway i would love to visit Ireland one day and i have seen a few irish women that i think are hotter than any American girl lol . but anyway how is your day going? my day has been going ok i guess but i am kind of bored.
  8. Ignore american haters their just very ignorant. Noone should hate people for a countries government. That's like if my government banned doughnuts.. do all Irish people suddenly hate doughnuts!? It's terrible that people would judge you like that before even getting to meet you just because your an american. Just because i'm European doesn't make me any more advanced than you, we have fatties/poor/stupid people here just as you have there. If not more stupid people because we don't have to actually work for what we have.. Our governments just hand it to us so incase of emergency we're soooo not prepared! I hope you do travel! You should go to Iceland!! They have really nice natural spas.. <3 But if you don't wanna be called a stupid american, Amsterdam or Taiwan is the place to go! They are very pro-american tourism there because it's their main income. And Taiwan is really pro-america in all aspects.
  9. lol its ok not many people like my kind if music , it for weird people i guess. and thats cool your gonna be visiting an island like that , i hope you have fun ^___^ , buy me a gift and send it to lol i am joking. i would love to leave my country and visit somewhere but with how much people hate America right now because of our stupid government i dont think i would survive the trip LOL.
  10. I just read that comment on the thread.. post thing but I really agree with it! Having music play on profiles would be awesome! *-* Though me and you probably have different tastes in music and i'd have to mute yours.. FALALALA! ;D! Well.. i'm like a POP ROCKET! right now because I am one month away... from going to Baku! So happy.. it's my first time in mainland! I've never been off an island.. And i'm from the land of the rain and i'm heading to the land of fire so it's gonna be really new to me! I'm gonna be in the audience like.. GO IRELAND YAY! Then i'm going to be like the best tourist! I'm gonna try not to offend people.. like taliban and armenians should not be a topic said in Baku.. I prepared some topics i will completely ignore.. : Skin, Eyes, Hair, Language, Nationality, Names, Maps, History, Natives, Foreigners.. *-* Because they are so different like.. im going from A to Z basically.. they are SOOO different than irish! Like a complete 360!
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