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  1. lol yeah i like and new and the newest ones i have seen are (lovaru which is a cool anime , and himawari its a cute anime if you have never seen it , about a girl wanting to become a ninja
  2. Ugh, atm people online are bothering me XD!.. Like they are just going to manga that are labeled like.. "action and horror" and complaining.. "ew.. why is their so much blood and violence!" -.- I swear they must be stupid.. it's probably 97% boys because girls actually read the tags and description! Boys see hot picture and just go straight to the manga. I feel like going to their homes.. and grabbing their mums and then RANTING.. I'd rant right in her face for hours! ;[ that's my dream.. *-* sorry if your bored.. have you seen guilty crown? I just finished it today and I liked it. I really liked the animation but i'm a new anime person.. I'm not a fan of the old animation D;
  3. i am doing good and yeah i am passed all that but guys can be annoying no matter how old they are ask any woman who is married LOL. anyway i have been just as bored and can find nothing to do. i hope you can find something to do to make it not as boring for you.
  4. Ugh, how are you!? .-. I have nothing to do and i'm bored.. I have a twin but like he is a boy, they are all stupid! ;c Sometimes I feel like they are trying to be stupid.. like they put effort and time into being that stupid, Sorry if this is an offensive rant boys are just annoying me right now XD.. Plus you are an adult so your probably past all that. ^-^ So back to topic.. HOW ARE YOU?
  5. i have never been to those other sites i have jsut stayed here on AO but it sucks there like that. the owners have no brains is all i can say
  6. Yeah, I thought that. Mangahere and mostly works by bots automated. And when they make a mistake it is never fixed xD or rarely it is. Idk about animehere because I don't use it. It is very slow for me atleast
  7. that would be cool if they did but i dont the admin from the company that bought this site care much for helping , in fact i am willing to bet they dont even have this site listed on there computer because this is just a dollar sign site for them , and those other sites as well.
  8. I feel bad for all these people with complaints.. but I don't know much about technical things but most issues they've brought up are probably browser or computer related, since I don't get them and many others don't. ;3 I wish the owners would check into that or atleast make a complaint box on those sites so I don't get tempted to read them xD!
  9. i like all sorts of music but right now im hooked on funny songs like this one 10 hours videos: This is sparta!! remix - YouTube
  10. What type of music do you like Chalice-Sama! I like all kinds.. except screamo, some rock is fine. My guilty pleasure is cheezy pop music.. it's so UGH! Gets in my head and I can never escape from it.. it's catchy though! xD Generally I listen to music that ranges from Classical to Techno and a mash up of the two.. I think classical instruments mixed with techno beats and rhythms are really really cool.. Sort of like old and new ;3 Only one song has perfected it in my mind so it's difficult to mix them perfectly.. sorry back to you! what's your type of music xD!?
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