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  1. and no i dont need an inhaler yet , but im sure your still able to do things
  2. yeah it has always been this way and we were in the middle of fixing it up when coy bow bee bop sold it and now it has pink everywhere o.O. it was a sold grey till they wanted to make it more welcoming but having sold it stopped all the work that was being done on it. so we are stuck with pink and grey .
  3. OH! by the way Chalice! Has
    the forum always looked this
    way.. all dark and stuff..
    I think it should have a setting
    to change the color theme..
    Or make the member pages
    more colorful.. it's just that
    anime is colorful but this
    forum is.. <_<.. dark..
    >_>.. *gets my crayon box*
    I feel like your page should
    be a sparkly.. TAN! ;D
    Or orange..
  4. We'll i'm halfway there!
    ^_^ 53 ~.. Most are
    probably Hetalia related..
    But that anime is.. Q_Q..
    just so cute.. and funny
    so.. v_v funny.. I can't
    watch it unless I have my
    inhaler.. Yeah, I have
    asthma xD do you?
  5. when you reach 100 posts i think is when you can do that , it should automatically let you when you reach it.
  6. New question..
    How long and how many
    posts do I have to achieve
    Before being able to get
    my own custom avatar?
    ;3 I ask out of curiosity
    I like the one I have now
    but love one of Safu
  7. yeah i do if i could remember everything i could do a book and be very famous right now because i have seen some amazing things.
    and i have done some cool things as well and if you ever did leave no one else would talk to me LOL ok im wrong one other would but he isn't on very much
  8. We'll I can't
    leave this forum..
    We'll not while it's
    linked to Mangahere
    XD!! I am always
    tempted to click the big
    "FORUM" Button.. ;c

    New Topic.. don't you
    wish you could remember
    everything you've seen..
    Like I watch so many random
    educational shows XD!
    If I could only remember them..
    I'd be the smartest one in all
    the universe!! Aliens are stupid
    after all.. they haven't found us

  9. i know it sounds weird but from what i have heard from others that go to other sites they own. they do good for a few months then nothing happens with maintenance then slowly people stop going to the sites then the site is just an archive like AO might end up being if nothing is done. and not to worry though i will send emails out if i need to if something does happen
  10. What do the new owners
    use this site for then?
    Did they hire new mods
    or what.. I don't see
    why they'd want something
    to die that they paid
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