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  1. I.. Will not cook
    for no man! I need
    to be cooked for..
    Then again I like chinese
    food best he best just
    buy me pre-made food..
    Nom nom nom! I can't
    even use the oven anyhow..
    Mom's afraid i'll burn down the
    house but she also can't cook!
    We eat alot of microwave food..
    And take out food! ^_^
    *-* I have become a egg roll
    addict.. my dream is to be jabba
    the hut and have slaves feed me
    chinese noodles and fan me!
  2. good gosh no LOL i man you doing the cooking and all that other stuff that wives do for the husband your BAD lol. and yeah divorces can be dramtic i have seen a few holly wood divorces that were so bad you would think it ws right our of a movie lol
  3. If you mean getting something
    out of it like sex, that's a no
    He is reals scottish and that's a
    turn off.. he will be like a trophy
    husband.. But no.. my goal in life
    is to have a dramatic divorce..
    Is that strange? I've always was
    bored with weddings they are so
    EH.. but divorces are interesting and
    they get dramatic and everything about
    them is so fairytale like! <3
    So hopefully I get married and then divorced
    and the reason has to be my fault
    cause the mans always at fault..
    so if i'm at fault it's way more dramatic <3
  4. lol well you cant argue with that reasoning and hey they might not like it but they get something from it even if it is from someone they were forced to marry LOL
  5. Oh we'll I made my pianist sign a contract
    stating he had to marry me in when i'm 26
    Whether or not he legally has to is unknown..
    I will be seeking that marriage though
    I have the documents stating he has to! >;O
    .. Lovely though it truely is and yes arranged marriages
    are lame.. Forced ones though for one parties
    pleasure seems fine though.. only damages one person
    arranged marriages damage two.. winning ;D
  6. no i have no wife and no kids either but my nephew and niece make up for that lol and a contract? that like an arranged marriage right? i have heard of those but thought it was kind of out dated because people need to make there own choices when it comes to who they want to be with. but it is cool you did that but i cant see myself being in a relationship that's forced on me.

    and if im wrong about the prearranged thing sorry but that does sound really interesting though
  7. .. Do you have a wife?
    I am going to be engaged in 10-12
    years it's already been decided
    I made a contract and everything >;o!
    I don't know if signing a contract legally
    binds him to marry me.. But you know..
    That will be dealt with when im 26
  8. lol sorry and its cool you think so and i think the main reason it seems that way is with how much i love anime you cant just act all mature when you see a robot blow up and body parts fly everywhere lol
  9. What > I said you we're my age..
    Not kid like ;c.. I'm a sensitive lady..
    I pick up on these things like a hawk! ☼.☼
    But no I like how you act it's fun
  10. i get that a lot but i dont act serious online so i tend to act a bit odd but its cool you think that though , i will try to be less kid like LOL
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