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  1. I love the dancing too it's really really cool.. I'm sorry slow response I don't forget people!
    :3 Are you really a adult? You seem..
    really young like my age
    except a more smarter
    and mature version of my age
  2. lol well im almost that so it cant be all that bad lol i just like how they damce its really cool and the music is really cool
  3. you like that stuff? XD
    Do you watch Eurovision..
    I'm a big eurovision fan me my mother makes us watch it with her
    She is a bigger fan than me.. I have never seen a 40yr old woman fangirl
    until Eurovision comes on
  4. heck yeah they can i love river dance music it sounds awesome
  5. Hehe, My brother is my twin he does everything I do
    except strangely he lacks my best quality..
    The love for anime and manga.. >_> He is a strange boy..
    But I love how the trumpet sounds my role model is to
    be like Celtic Woman.. They are beautiful and can play the fiddle
    like a boss :3
  6. yeah i used to play the trumpet but i forget the keys now lol Louie Armstrong was the guy i was trying to be like anyway lol. and that's cool you and him go to the same school they didn't have those schools when i went or at least my school did not fund music projects or anything .
  7. You play instruments too? ;D
    I go to a school that focuses on Arts
    mainly musical though some focus on
    other things such as art.. Me and my
    brother go to this school! I play the violin
    and cello while my brother plays the flute
    and clarinet. This was decided before we were
    born xD! Coincidence we both love these instruments..
  8. i have to find that o.o movie it sounds really good
  9. I like a Japanese horror film called "The slit mouthed Woman"
    :3 she really creeps me out
  10. yeah i know there are a few Japanese films like that though there horror films they have more of a realism if you know what i mean like ringu one last call not sure why they used a title that was already being used but it was way better than the American version and ringu was just really good
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