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  1. I like alot of foreign films because they seem to be more deep and make you think more.. Many english films are like this too but they get no coverage.. So I don't know any of them with all these big movies that are just copies of others blocking all the smaller ones. Another good Korean one is "I'm A Cyborg, But That's OK" :3 it seems the korean dramas are what korea is most known for but they have alot of really good meaningful movies.
  2. no i haven't but i will now since you have mentioned it i love foreign films
  3. Hehe.. I've never watched west side story ^^
    But have you seen "The King and the Clown" It's
    like the second most watched korean film! I really like
    korean films not dramas.. but films! ;D
  4. i like those too west side story is my favorite and i like opras as well though you cant really find a good site to watch any -_- some sites can really be annoying
  5. Hehe.. Horror books! ;D
    Lil on the dark side, eh?
    Some of the books I read have deaths..
    I also like musicals! But not the cheezy ones,
    Moulin Rouge, Grease, and Camp are my favorites ^^
  6. im like that with horror books there really awesome
  7. Seems really relaxing
    I've never been to a coffee or
    book store xD Although I do visit a
    manga store.. It sells some novels
    I don't seem like it but I really love reading xD,
    My favorites are mystery ones because they
    leave me wanting moooore D:<
  8. lol no i live in the usa but there is a book store near me that has a coffee shop in it so you can read books and drink coffee at the same time its a good relaxing place to go
  9. Coffee shop?
    You live in Holland?
    ;3.. That's what first comes to mind
    When I hear coffee shops
  10. cool and what country do you live in? and today im plan on going to the coffee shop near me
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