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  1. hey sorry i have not talked to you lately i have been doing a lot of stuff but i thought i would at least say hello to you and hope things are ok .
  2. ok i'll try if it doesn't work send me one instead ttyl =3
  3. hi how are you? hope your ok an stuf i e-mailed you hope you got it lmk ttyl Chris =3
  4. Thanx. lmk if you can move me, i thought we'd live together for a while, if that's cool with you

    i just need to relocate really bad, ik this seems sudden i apologise for that it's just i don't wanna lose out on love again an again. i hope your not picky about body type, "down there hair, etc. also e-mail me first so i can send you an e-mail my e-mail is wacky like that. lolz please send me your rl pic too TTYL chris
  5. no it's ok n.p i just worry about rejection... cause every time i try to date someone thing always goes wrong..

    i would like us to try thou. =D an yes i get the messages you send. where do you live? can move me? did you get my e-mail address? Lmk Thanx ttyl
  6. hiya Chris, how are you? are we still friends? did you read my last vm? did i say something wrong? i apologise if i offened you in way ttyl =3
  7. n.p it's ok hope you had a good day lmk what what you think dating me etc

    it's just, i don't wanna fail again i wanna be able to find love an be once again heartbroken TTyl Chris. =3
  8. OK. uh had trouble reading your Visitor message could you repeat it, an not use so much abravations?
    sorry. how are you today? i'm good, just tired ya know TTYl Chris =3
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