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  1. *HI Chris!!!* Thanks for the cookies and tea ^^. I am happy to know that you are very much inspired to write poems. ^^

    I hope that you will have a pleasant day ahead. Cheers. *Gives cookies and Tea*
  2. gives you cookies and tea as well and a good book to
  3. things are going good i just have ben busywith writng poems
    and trying to keep my selfout of trouble lol.
    it is good to hear from you and i hope your day is
    going good
  4. Hello Chris!!! It's been a long time since I got to talk to you^^. I am doing great and I tend to get busy to snoop here often. How are the things going for you? *gives tea and cookies*
  5. hey Raja its been a while hope things are going good for
    you and i hope your day went well today
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