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  1. cool then and i have a lot of people to talk about lol i am kidding about that or am i ? lol
  2. Okay Roli it is then, and I guess we can stick to private messages since if we talk about people in the forum (which we will ) they won't get offended.
  3. roli sounds like a good spot we can do it there no problem
  4. Hahaha that's one way to handle the crazed spam bots xD

    Hey would you prefer if we talked here, or on Roliana since you're on there more often (and so am I )?
  5. yeah i figure if there gonna flood the bored i will flood the profiles lol and if you noticed i am talking them on the bored telling them to message me XD
  6. Haha xP

    Then I see you're taking my advice, and you've decided to finally talk to the bots on their profiles instead of on the board.
  7. oh i knew thats >_> yeah thats right i knew it was bot XD
  8. Hey have you ever seen those Gamefly commercials on TV? xD

    I should probably let you know that that newbie that you talked to earlier is really a spam bot. *sneaks away* >.>
  9. yeah its a popular thing to do now .
  10. Lol yeah xD

    But games get real old real fast after you've beaten them, but now I see why people always rent games from Gamefly.
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