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  1. you need to get a video game maybe , it keep you off the internet a lot more lol
  2. "Internet addiction" xP

    Seriously though from time to time I need a break from the net or I tend to go crazy. :/

    Oh that's awesome, it's been awhile since I last played a video game, maybe like 4 months or so and that was only the demo in the store. ^^
  3. how come you feel like leaving the net? is there anything wrong? and my stuff pntv has been good though i have been doing ff 13 as well. for my ps3
  4. Lol, I knew it xD

    And the time off would have been better if I had gone cold turkey from the net altogether, but it was still good, I got to watch some tv shows that I had been neglecting.
  5. i deny the crying XD any how , did you like the days off?
  6. I know you did :P, but i'm back now so no more crying xD
  7. ok i want XD .
  8. That's cool and I hope so too, I just wondering how they plan on getting her off the show when the time comes. ^^

    And I shall return to the forum on Wednesday, so don't freak out if I don't reply to your next message before then. xD
  9. yeah i did it was awesome i hope the rest of the season is ,ike that when it starts
  10. Wow I finally got to see the Doctor's new companion on Doctor Who, and you were right, she's hot!
    And now I know who you're talking about because she was in the first episode of the 7th season of the show, which is cool.^^

    So did you see the last Christmas episode of the show?
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