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  1. Haha true, plus they're not exactly "people" to take offense to what you say. xD

    Oh and sorry for the late reply, I was sort of taking some time away from the different forums.^^
  2. no im not, i respect people and how they live and its nit my place to tell them what to do. though there is no rule saying you cant harass them like they harass you though XD
  3. Haha plus kedar comes to the forum pretty regularly and he hasn't said anything to you, so I seriously doubt you'll be getting into any trouble, unless you're really trying to. x)
  4. true heck i have threaded a few of there families with death and i have yet to get in trouble lol.though i guess bot families dont care.
  5. I was surprised too, but who's going to punish you, I mean i'm not a mod(not that i'd ban you) and it's not like the spam bots care too much. xD
  6. well i am rather surprised i have not got a warning yet with how i have been using colorful words lol.
  7. XD

    That's true, and from what i've seen of how you've been telling those spam bots off in the threads, you'd make a good "spam bot trainiee"
  8. im thinking about it lol we could they would take over if i did lol.
  9. Hehe yeah she's been too busy on A-I, so you can blame Kagome for her not being here.

    Awesome, so will you join the spam bot community and start spamming the place up?xD
  10. yeah lol people from that long ago tend to poof after a few days or weeks here, she is a cool person but she is way to busy at some points lol. and yeah you right he could have stayed around but im sure it was a good reason. him and spdude were really owners from what i heard though.
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