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  1. Well we never considered the possibility that maybe that's what the new owners actually "want".
  2. yeah it kind of sucks like that, its doing the oppisite job. it should be keeping the spam bots out .lol
  3. Now you got the right idea And yep, it messes up with just about every browser I use, so you can imagine that that might explain why so few people ever find their way here and why so many spam bots do. :/
  4. lol yeah i hope she crashes and burns but whatever lol. and does it mess up with fire fox?
  5. Lol okay man, I understand you have to at least see if your ex girlfriend's new relationship crashes and burns to be able to move on.

    I use Google Chrome on my computer at home, and on the library's computer they have Fire Fox. ^^
  6. yeah that sucks to but if anything i can atleast see the thread off if it does die its the least i can do . and what browser are you using? im using fire fox .
  7. It's strange how they only did that for you, because the rest of us still have to go through that, well those of us who can even still log into the site. o.O

    Oh I get what you're saying, I used to be apart of a forum like that, but much like an ex-girlfriend, you have to "let go". I know it's not easy to accept, but after a month or so of not being here, you'll eventually feel better.

    It's hard, yes, i'm sure you could tell that Art was feeling that way when he made that thread, but now I think that he's accepting it, even if he doesn't want to.^^
  8. thats true they pop up blocker is a pain but i emailed google and told them i would recommend people not use them because they dont know how to use pop blockers correctly when i come to this site all the time. and oddly enough i can come here and not be blocked by it anymore ol but im glad though. im just a devoted till the end. its odd i know but AO took me in when no one else would so i have to stay i would feel bad if i didn't know ? XD
  9. Oh i'm sorry to hear that. :/

    So what exactly keeps you coming back here, especially since you at least belong to one active forum? I mean hardly anyone ever comes here and the few that do from what I can see, rarely ever reply to messages. Plus the spam bots aren't too chatty. x) Not to mention that it's become rather difficult for people to even get to the site because of that stupid pop up someone put up. D:
  10. you mean from here? well the last person that i met here posted right before you did her name was raja she is a very cool girl. but other than her your the only one who talks to me. no one else i know comes here any more.
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