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  1. ok but i did try though i was thinking it was my account on google or something
  2. damn my stupid blog is all stupid. now what you have to do is when you have to write down a 'user' you click anonymous. but it's okay you do nt have to. its enough that you tried.
  3. cool i wish i lived on Texas i would be the nerdy guy who would watch them all and memorize everyone and have a dorky laugh when something funny happened lol really though you are lucky you have that . and it still want let me post a comment i have sign into google live and everything but it want let me for some reason. but im gonna keep trying to
  4. sorry i had a bug in my blog. but it's working now. oh and i see i didn't put pm or am...damn ima get points off. no it's from 7pm to 12 am. so very late at night. yeah i joined mostly for the super awesome library
  5. it want let me post a comment and i have tried several times so far but this is what i tried to put in the comment are * this that's was an interesting read i think its cool the collage has an anime club like that but it would be even cooler if that had an after hours anime place for people who cant watch the anime during normal hours you know if they have to work or something. *
  6. yeah i can do that no problem ^_^ let me go look at it
  7. well hey how about we make a deal? i have to write a blog for school and i chose anime. will you go on my blog and comment if i go on your forum and try it out?

    Chibi Talk
  8. its cool and i have no problems with it you not being interested ^_^ anyway though it has been slow today
  9. not trying to be mean or anything.......................................
  10. yeah i already checked that one out. why are you trying to make a new one though? there are like a ton out there, so many more than before. making a new one sounds....
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