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  1. "that was kool"i smiles at you"saves us from moving ah"
  2. -i laughs-u want some of my blood-cuts my hand they run towards us but hit the shield-
  3. i place my hook swords down and drink from my cup
    making me glow a dark red and a ball of heat saround us as
    i pick my swords up and they begin to scream as if they lust for blood
    and i cross them aiming at the demons.
    bring it on i say
  4. -i turn into my curse mark form and use flapping chidori on 6 demons killing them instently as more demons came-Demon:get them-they attacked us from allsides there was 1000's of them-are you ready-i pull out my sword and run chidori through it-cause here they come
  5. i draw my hook swords and and charge 2 of them with
    my arms held out and take there heads off
  6. *one attacks us i kill it with ease*u take the ones behind us ill take the ones at the front
  7. there wanting my dark chalice which would give them power
    but they know i would kill them thats why they are hiding
  8. why are they demons hiding-looks at the trees-wat are they waiting for-im using sharingan-
  9. thank you i say as i look around at all the tree's
    my name is chalice i hold cups lol
  10. here let me fix it-i use a repairing jutsu and i fix ur cd player-wats ur name
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