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  1. I only get about 3 people ever to talk to me at a time for what ever their reason for wanting to talk is.
  2. yeah it can be frustrating but simple is th way to go like i said
    infact other than this convo only dsxm has been talking to me
    so yeah you cant get any better than one or 2 , 3 max but
    thats just me being a bit lazy lol
  3. Same here. With me, I just take and need what ever is necisary other wise it gets frustrating, and I am sure you have seen me frustrated in threads before and with people. The analigy is taking my tonge out and whip people with it. AKA tonge lashing *croud boos at bad pun*. Also, an over loaded pm box means I am being to distracted by people.
  4. lol true it is dream job take AO for example
    only a handfull of people talk to me for one
    reason or another , it gives me pleanty of
    time to read the threads and i dont have to
    pm everyone at once.

    though some people live to have an overloaded
    pm box i guess i just like it simple though complicated
    can be good but i havnt got complicated yet >.> lol
  5. Well then I guess you found your dream job, you techicaly are not working at the same time have little Human contact as much as possible, it's a win, win situation.
  6. i know you didnt lol i guess i just love
    to do things that dont involve interacting
    much with others though it has its rewards lol
  7. Well you know I don't mean it in a harsh way lol. Any way yeah, great to hear from you.
  8. lol just read what you said and i guess i would
    fall into the caatgory of having no life , anyway
    just droping by to say hey
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