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  1. LOL i have 10 more years before i am an old man thank you , i will be 40 this year. but no one really talks to a guy that has a signature that says to ignore the good things and only listen to me lol. and the guy impaled on a stick does not help me either.
    but no no one ever asks me for advice im jsut the guy that sits there and every loks at him wondering if he is gonna go crazy or something.

    anyway though i do try ti talk on here but they over look me some times like the mods when i talk to them so i just keep to myself till someone notices i am alive lol , ever since i broke up with that girl i told you about a few years ago its kind of been quiet.
  2. Really now? I figured you'd be buried with requests for advice on everything. You ARE the Old Man Of AO, after all. Yes you can curse me for saying it, lol.
  3. cool i will go check it out , and thats pretty cool you have a son im sure he is still gonna grow up to be a good guy. and you might meet a few new friends i know they avoid me like the flue lol.
  4. Yeah, I got a son. He's almost 9 months old. His mom and me disagreed on too much for us too work out. It was what it was. That sucks that the mods and older members seem to have abandoned the place. I plan on staying a bit. Figure I might run into old friends. Maybe make some new ones. Who knows? Created a new thread though to get things rollin.
  5. Manga here bought AO and then Be Bop ran off leaving AO unfinished they were working on something things . but the mods are hardly ever on since Manga here bought it. and you have a kid now? thats pretty cool and sorry to hear about the break up. though im sure your kids are happy either way since you get to see them still.

    and rewinding isnt to bad i do it myself by coming here and stuff.
  6. Yeah, it looks like this place is full of noobs. You're the only one I recognize. So.....hardly any mods around, eh? When did Bebop sell AO and who bought it?
    *shrug* anyways, life has been strange for me. Got into a relationship over two years ago, had a kid with her, and now we're broke up. Other than that, I've done all sorts of lulzy shit. These days, it seems like I hit the rewind button or something.
  7. damn man its good hear from you , and yeah its been 3 years just about i think . i have been just been lurking about AO this place has almost died since BE Bop sold the site to a manga no one come here anymore hardly . just new people and the mods have disappeared as well .

    i tried talking to a mod the other day when they popped up after a very long ...hiatus and they chose to ignore me so whatever lol. anyway how have you been ? and i like the new avatar you have
  8. Long time, no see, Cupholder. What's up with you these days? It's been three or so years, huh?
  9. smashed ? where the hell am I? and why i am i wearing a dress? what the hell?????????
  10. Happy New Years, buddy. Hope ya got smashed, cause I did!
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