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  1. james im disappointed in you. eventually you'll get this and i hope you feel guilty. i can't believe you cheated on me...and 5 times at that! wtf?! if you didn't like me, you could have just told me and we could have broke up. im done with this now and i'm extremely disappointed in you. im not crying for you anymore because your not worth it anymore. your definately not who i thought you were..i thought so highly of you...and you broke that..
  2. you take forever to get on an off. xDDD (i love how you said hey honey-chan and not hey kelsey) x333
    hehe. i miss you. i wish we texted more. but its okay if your busy. :/
  3. hey there Honey-chan!!!!! i told u i would get on sooner or later.
  4.'d be nice if you messaged me when your one once in a while ya know :' or maybe i should delete this AO account????
  5. james???? please answer me. your kinda worring me cause my phone broke so i dont even have a phone to text you with. even though your not allowed to like me just remeber that i love you. <3333
  6. Hi hi cutie pie<3
    do you think your going to get a new phone soon?
  7. well i got in trouble because this kid tried to kick me and in the process he got hurt. he told the teacher i hit him and they were wanting to arrest me for it. but since no one saw it and they had no proof they couldn't do anything. thats why she was worried.
  8. uh hehe ok. thnaks and everything. so do u like AO so far? if u need help with learning what to do just ask arounfd on the thread boards or me. im only on during school though. and if u see kelsey today tell her i didn't get in trouble at school. she was worried
  9. hey this is kelseys friend right? its James ^^ answer back asap
  10. hey buddy! my friend kelsey says hi

    hey buddy! my friend kelsey says hi
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