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  1. well here there are alot of great peeps and well weird stuff. but generally great guys all the same.
    basically no other way to say welcome and enjoy your stay lol since its been said before.
  2. If posting in the introduction thread doesn't give post count then why to the same 5 or so people constantly post the same message to all new members?

    Personally I don't feel that makes me welcome to a new place, if they read through my introduction and comment on what I've said about myself then I'd feel that they're a lot more genuine people.
  3. aside from that posting on the introductions won't earn you posting counts lol. lesser times of being mean lesser drama lol
  4. Cheers for the heads up but I figure I'll stick to being blunt and to the point, if people have a problem with me I'm sure they'll voice it to people with power.
  5. Hi noob i wouldn't be too mean to the other members it could get you in trouble
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