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  1. Darn it!!!! i can change it on other websites!!!! i have to get off for now, i am choosing to get some sleep, good night!
  2. sucks kuz i have a myspace and it says that im 14huh...same here you cant change that crap.
  3. wow, things people do to get on myspace these days. i didn't even mean to do it, i though it said 1994, not 1990, do you have any idea how i can change to 1994?
  4. huh my friend is on myspace and he says that he is 28 but hes 11
  5. I am turning 15 today, i accidentally made it so that it says i am 19 today, i put 1990 instead of 1994.
  6. how old are you?im 15
  7. Thank you, i have been waiting for this day to come since forever!!!!
  8. happy birthday huh
  9. Pretty much yeah, my Birthday is finally here, it is today.
  10. they just all have a curfew huh
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