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  1. sup hypercat2000... wow that's a long nick...... I hate this, always saying is too short, write
  2. you're a cowboy now!...................... and not a wolf?
  3. well, we have to wait for a new Dragon Clan leader first, which i think the new person, Blue Wolf, will be the leader, i talk to that person a lot yesterday, and said that he would join because he likes dragons.
  4. lest see how many I can kill there!......... in the RP group that
  5. okay, thank you for joining my group, i really appreciate it.
  6. sup dude! yes am trying to make it up.... let me use my imagination to make up a

    edited( it is done)
  7. hello, how are you? you have to tell me your characters stuff if you want to join my clan.
  8. Go to your profile, and it is on the right side of your screen it will say join social group.
  9. The Shadow Clan it is.... sign me up.
    err how can I find this clan group of yours?
  10. It is a roleplay group. you join a clan, and vs. the other one.
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