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  1. cool, almost everyone i have talked to today has said they are fine.
  2. good as good can be. well something like that!
  3. hi, how are you today? i am bored and really hyper at the same time.
  4. hello, i will be on from 9:00 P.M. to like 1:00 A.M everyday. so that way, you can come on when i do.
  5. okay, well, it is bout time i get off for tonight. talk to you sometime today. bye.
  6. I will think about joining your group.
    So I'll let you know if I going to.
  7. It is pretty much a roleplaying group that has two rival clans against each other. I am the leader of the Shadow Clan and garhett is the leader of the Dragon Clan.
  8. Yeah basements are cold in winter.
    What is your group about?
  9. i do (thank God) it is just that my room is downstairs right next to the basement, so, that is the main reason i am cold. if you don't mind me asking, could you join my group called, the Dragon Clan or the Shadow Clan please?
  10. I'm good as good can be.
    You must be cold, I hope you have a heating.
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