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  1. I should be happy somethings in my life are going well and there are two very spicail people in my life that i care very much obout so i think it is bad for me.
  2. but it must be bad to do it all the time wich i do and that is not good ui guess.
  3. but is it really worng to risk my own for everyone esles in the process.
  4. well it's just something i go through a lot eveyone should be happy and risk my own just to do that.
  5. your welcome i try to make everyone happy i know it is worng but what can i do?
  6. hello my kittycat how are you doing? just thuoght i'd drop in and say hello to you and see how you are before i leave and curl up for the night.
  7. cold that sucks it is the same here but some how we can keep warm where we live in the complex.
  8. well try to slow down and take some time to just do you ok ttyl cassy.
  9. i'm doing ok just here and there and evrey where else in beteewn
  10. hello how are you doing today my good freind.........................
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