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  1. yo!
  2. thank you very much!
  3. good night, have a wonderful sleep.
  4. i have to go .mom says i have to go to bed night!
  5. those are good flavors too, till i tried topica anyway, that settled the battle of the flavors.
  6. chocolate or vinella i cant decide they both good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. yeah, pudding is gooooooood. my favorite flavor is topica, what is yours?
  8. now thats just ... cant eat it its slimy!!!!! i hate slimy things exept pudding pudding is good.
  9. actually, cactus soup isn't as bad as it sounds or looks, it kinda had a tangy flavor to it.
  10. ive seen things worse my dad and my dads parents are from mexico so ya cactus soup not something ill ever eat.p
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