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  1. I want to because it is a hard name to remember, i will use the same sitemaker to create a new one, just better.
  2. No,it's okay. You don't have to make a new one. (if you don't want to)
  3. That is okay, i am probaly going to shut down the site anyway, i am going to make a different one.
  4. Sorry I have to make this so confusing to you. Thanks for trying to help me.
  5. Bye, i hope you find out how to talk on my website soon.
  6. I have to go. See you around!

    extra text too short
  7. Sure, i will try to send it to you, i don't really know how, but i will find out.
  8. Uh,I don't.

    Would you take a screenshot of it and show me? Thanks.
  9. Stay there, click on it and to the side, you should see something that says reply, click on it if you do.
  10. I do,but there is no link to reply to your thread/s.
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