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  1. It is a new one i made a few days ago, it is ready to be looked at.
  2. Your site? Is it the one your friends hacked or something?

    (Photobucket is so sloww)
  3. Okay, i am fixing up my site anyway. i am just roaming as well.
  4. She's been talking about me. (probably thinks I won't see because I've been offline for a while; actually I've been using another account.) I'll show you. Just wait a while...
  5. Hello, how are you? I am seriously thinking about hacking into the school server again and unblocking verpets.
  6. Good night,hyper.

    Yeah...she told me she can't get one until she's 16. That's just weird. Why would someone's parents not let you have an email until you are in grade 12 or something?
  7. wow, her parents are worst than mine if they won't let her make up an email.I gotta head to bed, have school in the morning. get on tomorrow if you can.
  8. I don't get in trouble for making emails either. (that's why I have so many) But Crysta does. Get in trouble for making emails.
  9. Make one up!!!!!!! That is exactly what i did, and i didn't get into trouble.
  10. She doesn't have an email to use to sign up on AO.
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