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  1. What stupid email thing? or are you talking about vermail?
  2. Alright,I will. But the stupid email thing is probably still going on.
  3. Also, Please tell her that i want her to join so i can talk to her.
  4. Sorry. I was playing on Verpets and I didn't realise that I had forgotten about you. Sorry!

    I think she already knows. But I'll tell her that again.
  5. Please explain to her what is happening, i love her really bad and i don't want to lose her.
  6. Yes...but that's not your fault. It's the school board's(that's what I call it,I'm not sure about you) fault. I hate it that they block petsites.
  7. But do you think she is mad at me for not being able to get on?
  8. No,her being weird has nothing to do with you! As I said,she's always been a little weird~

    I've always wondered what's going on in her brain?
  9. Also true, you don't think she is acting this way because she is mad at me do you?
  10. I don't know. She's always been a little weird. I know because I've known her for a year.
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