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  1. That could be true, but, why would she choose now to do it?
  2. Actually... I think she has always wanted to be a mod. She just didn't show it before now.
  3. Oh, Trying to act like a MOD, that is not like her at all.
  4. No,she wasn't a mod. Just trying to tell me what to do and what not to do.
  5. MOD? What does that mean? sorry, but i haven't been on verpets in forever except that one night.
  6. No. She's acting kind of weird.

    (For example,trying to MOD ME!!!)
  7. Why? What happened? I am the reason aren't i? Please say i am not the reason.
  8. Unfortunately,she hasn't. And fortunately,I stopped talking to her.
  9. Yeah, so has Burpunny agreed to join Animeonline so we can talk?
  10. Ah,I see. I was wonder why you would be on at night with a school restricted computer...
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