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  1. No, it is a school restricted laptop that i can take home from school.
  2. Oh yeah,I forgot that.


    Why are you on a school restricted computer in the first place? Are you at school whenever you go online?
  3. But, you also have to remember, i am on a school restricted computer, i cannot get to any other sites, i am going to go to bed. bye.
  4. Yeah,but she says she "can't" join because she doesn't have an email,and this forum requires an email in order for you to join. I asked her why she can't just make one,and she told me that her "parents won't let her" and she doesn't want to "disobey them". I offered for her to use mine,but she still thinks that as disobeying her parents. She used her sister's email to sign up on Verpets,but her sister won't let her us her email anymore. So if she can use her sister's email,why can't she use mine?

    Or perhaps we can find a site that doesn't require email and you both can join it? [it has to be fun,though. And active]
  5. I miss her too, tell her i really want her to join so we can talk.
  6. Crysta says she misses you and and loves you.

    (ah message is too short)
  7. Okay,I will tell her that if I see her online.

    Aww,you just went offline.
  8. hmm... if you do talk to her, tell her that i love her and i miss her really much.
  9. Ah,okay. Thanks. I just wanted to make sure.

    Yeah,I hope she joins too. I don't want to be her messenger.
  10. Yeah, i got it. i hope she joins, i really want to talk to her.
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