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  1. I have to go okay have a gd night i might not be on as ima going to fight someone today so im going to be on restriction tomorrow so i see if i can but if im not see if u can get everyone else to join the rp i got others as well they just need to post their character sheets and rp have fun man gd night
  2. Alright then, have a good night and talk to you tomorrow.
  3. Hey thanks for joining the rp man i hope u like it so far dont worry it'll get way better promise u that and have a gd night kk i should be on tomorrow if anything...
  4. Thanks and iight ima wait until someone post in the rp its quite..
  5. I may be busy for a little bit, but after that, i will certainly ask them to join.
  6. Okay thanks man and if ur not busy after u come back from the shower can u ask ur friends to join?
  7. Cool, I will be right back, i have to go take a shower, talk to you in a minute.
  8. Thanks i really appreciate it and i think u will enjoy ur self just need more people
  9. Hey i have an rp it's called Quest To The Wastelands if u want to join it feel free thanks btw im Wasted
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