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  1. well it doesnt matter the dragons you use the text could say Ichigo_06
  2. I could try.. I haven't done much in animations, but wanted to so, I'll give it a go for you. What dragons did you want me to use, colours and any text? ^^
  3. would you do that for me? could you put some walking dragons in there too? if not that would be alright.
  4. nah I just guessed LOL yeah it kind of gave it away :P

    but..I LOVE dragons too! though it's probably not as obvious XD if you want I can make you a dragon sig?
  5. yeah what gave that one away? MY avitar? I want a sig that goes with it but I need to work on it.
  6. thats always a good thing I guess!

    I'm guessing you love dragons?
  7. eh alright I guess. nothing to complain about yet.
  8. of course we can

    How are you?
  9. hey there qwenibe we used to be friends before the site was all switched up want to be friends again?
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