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  1. dude thats awsome. I am getting into armored core 2 even though I have not played 1 yet. I have the laser cannon equiped to my ac
  2. Yup I've mastered almost every song I've downloaded.
  3. Hey bro whats up? sorry been off for a while havent had access. actually I went to visit family in California. it sucked I visted for a month and I overheated everyday. so I am back in Utah. You getting any better on stepmania?
  4. Everything's things been fine my site's updated, I've mastered rendering and some graphic skills, I got new stepmania songs.. yea life is great.
  5. back in black buddy hows yeah been hangin? hopefully strait and not to the left. lol
  6. Well well well look who's back Ichi how's it hanging buddy
  7. hey buddy its been a long while whats up? wnna be able to text me?
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