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  1. >.< lucky you.... Tuition? you mean the money you paid for school? >.< i wish i get something free like that too...
  2. yeah pretty cool the Tuition probably covers it though
  3. School's giving it to you? For free? o.O No way.........
  4. its a machintosh computer from apple. my school is giving it to me
  5. I see ^^

    Ah,.. what's that? xD forgive me.. i don't follow much about this things..
  6. me either well I noticed your not on my friends list so I added you anyways. oh I am getting a mac soon
  7. huh? did we? It's been so long i can't remember what happened...
  8. hey long time no talk to ray we left off on a bad note before and hoping we could be friends again.
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