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  1. ok ill do it but in return i want u to get on a game called rumblefighter and join my clan do that and ill fight with u whenever u need me to and ill b on a bit 2 ok so do we have a deal
  2. It is not big at all only 1,4GB .................................................. .................
  3. um im new to the game i didnt download yet so like how much memory on ur comp does it use cause im not supposed to download something to big
  4. Perfect , see if there is any more of your friends that want to join . I wil ladd your account it is fireland right ?
    Tell them that the link to join is in your " visitor messages " . Peace !
  5. Ok i signed up so yeah i might download it ok just tell me wat its like on there 1st my users fireland by the way
  6. Hey There ! I got a group gonig up , want to join ?! It is a group for a game called "League Of Legends" aka LoL ! Im trying to get new players to join the battle with me , Gonan make a clan and mush more .

    League of Legends - Play For Free

    P.S Add Me As Friend And Join My Group To Make It Bigger !
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