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  1. Hey, I just wanted to drop bye and tell you i love you. Don't forget to call me sometime, if you got my message, since from what Conrad is saying down there your inbox is full. If not then just message me your number and I will call you.
  2. Hey, don't worry about replying soon, I don't mind. And I'm fine, you?
    Btw, I sent my info to you. So check it out because your probably gonna be shocked by it.
  3. hey whats up and how are you i got your message about your secret can you tell me?
    oh and im sorry that i hadent replide earlyer iv been so bissy that i barly have anuff time to go on the computer lol ^_^ well talk to me soon and all try to replie as fast as i can
  4. Hey, I have a secret I wanna share with you. Message me soemtime if you wanna know what it is.
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