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  1. Hah srry for the late reply >< havent been her elately.
    Haha lozl xD
    Haha reallei
    bore to oim watching drama at the moment
    my email keeps being gay >< xD
  2. Omg! We kindaa dont havee snow days eitherr.
    So when it snowedd I was like--> Yayuhh ! (:
    Kinda bored too. Likee WOAhhh! (:
  3. ehh bored. teehe i ad a snow day today xDD yaya!! lmfao. in like the longest tim too. ny state never ghets snow days so im soaking up the goodness. lol how was ure day?
  4. Your welcomeeee! =)
    Im good &+ you?
  5. heyyyy thaks for excepting my request lolz. How are you?
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