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  1. hey luv long time no speak so wats up and how are you.....drop me a line sometime.
  2. Haha, Your funny. I'll think about it ok?? ^^
  3. yes someone will miss miss you so please come back to the chat
  4. I wont ok^^ I'm sorry. I'm not going back there. No one would want me to anyway..and..too much drama.
  5. im sorry he said that but i don't want you to think that im a bad person or that hes a bad person so please come back to the chat
  6. Oh ok then ..
  7. hey that was my friends profile and he said that i was only using it for awhile i used his profile for like 10 min and that it
  8. Basically, from you.(Willkill) That I am crazy...I think...and all that junk. Ok,yes Im crazy. I'll have to admit that, but that gives you no right to judge me cojoe. So you can tell your friends in their I don't want to go in the chat anymore. I don't want any drama Ok.^^ Besides not like they'll miss me in there anyways.
  9. wats wrong you can tell me.........and wat did you here
  10. Sorry I had to leave..... V.V
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