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  1. I've been doing good Rachel.
  2. Hey, I've been good I guess & you ?
  3. Hi Rachel, how have you been lately?
  4. Really???!! Awesome ^.^ Oh and thank you's for the comment on the siggy. I could make you one anytime ^.^
  5. We have something in common we are random and we like jolly ranchers, btw I like
    the sig and avatar that you made for Kiani.
  6. Hey. It's ok if you jump around...I'm random I like Jolly Ranchers...I want candy...See? Lol ^>^
  7. Yes, I do jump around a bit topic to topic, its a strange habit of mine.
  8. about randomness. You just jump from topic to topic right? Lol oh btw thank you ^___^
  9. Don't feel so bad about your name on the Journey Thread, my character is my name,
    too. Well my nickname.
  10. Chu? Oh THANK YOU^^ At least im not the only one who thought they were cute.^^
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