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  1. Hey. ^^ With what dear? ^^
  2. rach sorry was in a meeting at work earlier????what's wrong ????????
  3. am okay , lols and am craving for dark chocolate right now......looks around my work station maybe i brought one.
  4. Ya dudeee
    Uhmm I've been okay I guess. Schools awesome. Pervs..but they're hilarious haha&+ you?
  5. YOu're online omg! been like a long time since we talked how are you?
  6. Ne there princess been a long time since we random hi
  7. Ne Iluv....... sorry haven't drop by .............anything wrong?
  8. Well I hope you do get transfered!! lol. I see you on AW lol
  9. am okay lol i don't catch you on yahoo in the evernings..... am just waiting for my transfer so i am still waiting if i am flying back home to manhattan or not....
  10. I miss you too Sara!!!! How are you? How have you been lol
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