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  1. i know ^^ I dont have pc anymore at home so yea,.. i could hardly get on even just to talk with Laura... >.< *sighs*
  2. Ah, yeah pretty much lol. How have you been! OMG! You were away for so longggggg..
  3. Whats up with the princess?? How ya been? ^^ gee.. been away long have i?
  4. Its ok Its understandable.. Happened to me a few times already >.<
  5. Uhhhhh......I cleaned out my inbox because it was full and I accidentally deleted your PM...Sooooo.......I'll write another one ..Hehe...sorry ^-^.....
  6. hehe... you are? well i seriously thought that it does annoy certain people I just don't know who... ^^
  7. I was just playing dude...

    ANd okkkkkkayy since you said so. ^^
  8. xD im so sorry.. i got used to doing all this icons and stuffs ehehe .. im sorry for annoying you.. i will try my best and lower that ^^
  9. OK..umm..Eww.You use too much smilies. You know it can get anoying but not like you'll ever listen to me sooo..

    AwkWardddddddd.... lol

  10. xD i know.. it really bugs me as well when i don't know what to say.. i always get so irritated with it

    Me? Nothing much... just resting after riding my bike in heavy rain... was fun but was a bit dangerous.. almost hit a car :x and the best part is getting wet... and skidding tire on the big water pools... watching the water get splashed around... looking at the sea getting corroded with mud... was a pretty nice view... if only laura is here... i can look at her all wet...
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