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  1. just with work and some other things it cause me to be busy and cause a lot of stress for me to deal with but hey that is life right?
  2. lol that is ok when you have a good chance to no pressure ttyl cassy.
  3. thank you very much that means a lot to me ttyl my freind lol.
  4. ok but just promise me you will be careful your my freindi will never forgive myslef if anything thing hapeens to any of my freinds .
  5. it does not bother me i just want you to be careful and safe that is all.
  6. i was talking about kyle ok that all i was wondering how well you two are freinds just wondering that is all.
  7. hi oh gess what one of your freinds is on line i'm shocked though i thought he quit just that is what i thought well i was worng huh?
  8. do you think some guys are just not very in touch with anything at all? the reson i ask is because the guys where i live seeem that way and it sucks but it is worse when they think you can heal everything for them, but i don't mind doing it for really close freinds and the one i love.
  9. yes that is ture. cand i ask your adivce on something that is confuseinf me about some things right now.?
  10. yes that is right it alwayls will get better i see both sides and the good is alwayls very bright .
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