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  1. yeah i know how that is and things are just messed up every where but that is life lol.
  2. same here yeah that is about it. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. hello my freind what's up? thought i'd drop in and say hi and see how you are doing ok ttys cassy.
  4. thank you so very much i'm glad you think this is good ttyl.
  5. yeah i got hired at my job fanilly that is the good news and i'm so glad and it is so sweeeet! ttyl cassy.
  6. i'm ok just treid and exited buacuse of some really good news i got yesterday.
  7. hey how are you doing today? i miss talking to you and it has been a very long time since we last talked huh?
  8. yeah it's good and ife is going good but i like that there is still a lot of people who can see the ture light that is left ttyl ok cassy.
  9. i've been ok have a job now wich is new and good wich is great and now everything is going good my life is moving forward with somone by my side to hlep and my freinds to encorge me and how have you been?
  10. hi it has been i long time since i last spoke to you so i thught i'd drop in and say hello. cassy
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