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  1. Not much .
    Uhmm..being boredd I guess(: You?
  2. aww ty ^^, so what is up?..................... .. ...
  3. Uh, okay then. I'm sorry. ^^
  4. haha because im a negivte person and all ways think of the worst ^^ naw jk jk but idk i guess im not use to nice people that will add me.
  5. I still don't get why you think I'll like..not add you haha. Im not saying youre weird.
  6. np im a nice person when people get to know me hehe :P so if you want send me a friend request or ill send one just say if i have to so i dont send on randomly and you really dont want to add me lol and then it will be a awkard moment...
  7. Thanks nice to meet you too ^^
  8. oh. well tahts cool i hate to freck people out with my randomness... lol so yea nice to meet someone new ^^
  9. You dont freak me out.
    You just hi lol.
    That's not freaky.
  10. np and glad to hear you are ok lol. im ok also ^^, btw i hope i did not freck you out to much....
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