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  1. Hopefully XD Need to keep on trying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. awww you miss me that much lol its ok youl be on soon i hope
  3. Oh ok XD But still I wanna get on :[
  4. lol its just me and mere talkin so your not missing much hahahahah
  5. Very funny mister XD There's no way Im giving up I can't get on Animal Wonders for some site has betrayed me XD
  6. lol you still cant ge on lol wow guess it just wants a new admin hahahahahaha
  7. It wont let me on!!!!!!! XD This sucks people are gonna have fun there without meeeee :[ I cant get on my own site XD
  8. yup lol well try again lol you gota make it lol .;p[[[[[[''['['['['['['[
  9. You can get on?!?! Ah..stupid computer XD Broadband sucks sometimes...I can try again
  10. v.v well im there anyway lol im talking and sara is there now whoooooooooo
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