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  1. Oh man... I have been neglecting AO as well... Or maybe I've felt like AO is neglecting me. Who knows. Either way, I've been okay, just riding out with the chaos.
  2. I've been on a But seriously, I had to take a step back & take a good look at myself, cause it seems like I am going in circles with some of the decisions I make in my life. It is like you think you taking two steps forward and then get knocked back 4. Plus, AO' haven't seemed the same for a while. I did try and come to view some of your work when I had time, you & maybe a few others are the reason I even view the poem section, but I really just picked back up a pen about two months ago. I guess you can say I lost the urge to write or maybe I had gotten tired of writing my same feelings I don't know... But enough bout' me how is things your way??? Hope everything is good with the fam'...
  3. Really tho? you're just gonna show up and comment out the blue like that? Where have you been?
  4. I am sorry bout that... I had writers block lately... Plus I have been trying to get my act right, so I just come to visit if I have time... But it looks like I am goin' to have a lil more free time since I am handling my business at a steady pace... Sorry for the lack of details, maybe I can tell you about them 1 day... But you know you are one of the main reasons I even come to AO'
  5. Hey.... its been a while since I 've seen you here... I miss your poems.
  6. Its funny... because once apon a time.... I would have considered the Faith Evans and Carl Thomas version of "emotional" to be a sort of theme song. Infact I was just listening to that the other day.
  7. Thanks for the visit!!! *wiping tears from my cheek* It is nice to know at least someone is thinking about you... Wait... you was thinking about me wasn't you..? Even, if not you took the time out of your life to just say "hey" & that means something to me... I must say I've been thinking of you lately... Maybe it's your poems *damn you & your poetic artwork* lol ^_^
  8. I just had to stop by and show you some profile love.
  9. I apologize... U know u are my 1st friend that I had on here at AO, so that makes you #1... ^_^
  10. Why am I not your friend on here?? I dont understand why we have to befiend people who were already "friends".... How frustrating.
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