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  1. me too. sorry, thats the first question that came to mind. pretty boring. any questions for me?
  2. well anime, tropic thunder, valkire, or anything that is good
  3. what kind of movies do u like? ........0/-\0 ???
  4. yeah but oh well what can you do ummm well im board so ask me anything you want or something else
  5. lol. i know that well. the guy i went out with was a total man whore. i found out he had like three girls a day and flirted with countless ones.
  6. I dumped her she was being too sluttie if you catch my drift
  7. ouch, that sucks. my brother just got dumped and he's been moping around. (he's EmoNightmareRose, by the way). did she dump u, or did u dump her?
  8. had, i got a break-up jan. 16...............................................
  9. i d k. do you have a girl friend? (fifty character thingy)
  10. hey we are both on now what do you wanna talk about
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