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  1. um...define 'hot'. not nude.......0/-\0 <-- itachi
  2. yeah um do you think you can get a really hot pic of yourselve on here or no
  3. no. ive done it with a guy, but with a girl. -lol-
  4. but are a virgin or did it with both or to much info
  5. lol. ok. well, im not with a guy, but i am for girls
  6. well im not and ive gotten out of a bad relationship and not bi
  7. lol. i the 'big v'. hmm. you tell me first about you.
  8. yeah like i said im sorry but i know this is personal but are you a virgin
  9. no its ok, i'm kinda used to it by now. you could've said something a lot
  10. yeah i hope your not pissed at me for saying that i didnt mean to make you mad
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