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  1. well, i mean a lot of guys say that and i get pissed, but then i look and i see girls reading yaoi just to get turned on, and its equal for both i guess.
  2. really thats good for you and not to be too perverted but i think thats hot especaly for you
  3. cool, i try to visit the groups more.
    well, its not that im looking for a guy, its that they find me..(sounds weird, but hey.) and i'm bi. and i'm actually more on the gay side to be honest.
  4. have you made a group or in a favorite one i'm in four and made one myself and will you be in it
  5. yeah me too kind of is their a guy your just waiting for?
  6. well, not at the moment..but i'd like too sometime, i'm just taking a break, you know?
  7. good cause i really mean that you have to have a boyfriend
  8. thanks *laughs* dont worry i dont get offended by stuff like that
  9. dont take this the wrong way but your very hot in those
  10. yea, i did some modeling for cosplay on ebay. i did it under a few pseudonyms though.
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